Thyborøn Trawlbinderi’s employees have been involved in the entire development of modern trawling and seine fishing. Many of our employees have celebrated their 25th anniversaries as net makers. 

Over the years, we have combined our many years of experience with the very latest 3D computer technology. Today Thyborøn Trawlbinderi are leaders in the development and production of modern fishing gear for all types of fisheries, and offer consultancy in this field. 

We know what it takes to produce quality products with supreme fishing performance.

Just tell us how much horsepower the vessel has and where and for what you are going to fish, and we will produce an exactly customized, high-quality solution based on the latest trawl and seine models.

Thyborøn Trawlbinderi delivers the entire range of trawls for

  • Industrial Fishing
  • Pelagic Fishing
  • Fishing for Consumption
  • Flyshooter & Seine

New trawls are delivered within one week, and if necessary we work 24/7 from our bases in Thyborøn, Hvide Sande and Hanstholm to carry out repairs.

Our net making facilities have large storage capacity and all materials in stock. We can carry out any type of repair of trawls, flyshooters or seines.

Do not hesitate to contact us any time for more information or advice on the use of all types of trawls.

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Nordsøkaj 32
DK-7680 Thyborøn
Telefon: +45 4358 4350

Troldbjergvej 6
DK-6960 Hvide Sande
Telefon: +45 6144 1467
Thyborøn Trawlbinderi blev startet i 2013 og har til huse på Thyborøn Havn i Vestjylland.
Thyborøn Trawlbinderi er Danmarks mest moderne trawlbinderi, hvor den nyeste teknologi anvendes for at designe og optimere trawlen.

I et 3D simulations- og kalkulationsprogram testes ændringer i højde, bredde og hvordan maskerne står, så trawlet bliver tilpasset efter fangst samt det pågældende fiskefartøj.
Virksomheden har til huse i et 1.100 kvadratmeter stort værksted på Thyborøn Havn, hvor der arbejdes med trawl i alle størrelser. To store trawltromler bagerst i værkstedet betyder, Thyborøn Trawlbinderi kan håndtere alle trawl indendørs.

Desuden har Thyborøn Trawlbinderi værksted på 520 Kvadratmeter i Hvide Sande.