Industrial Fishing

Thyborøn Trawlbinderi delivers the entire range of trawls for industrial fishing. From the very smallest trawls, which can be dragged by two vessels, to the very largest trawls, which require from 400 to 10000 HP.

All trawls are designed individually based on the customer’s requirements and using the latest computer programs, which calculate all important information on how the trawl will behave behind the customer’s own vessel for the relevant type of fishing. 

Design and drawings are produced by means of the CADTRAWL tool and the DynamiT calculation program. This enables the customer to see if the trawl fulfils the expectations regarding:

  • Trawl mouth
  • Trawl door
  • Towing resistance
  • Size and type of doors
  • Length of bridles and wires
  • Towing speed

The program illustrates the trawl viewed from the front, from the side and from above. It is also possible to zoom in on a detail of interest. The net designer can read the load in any mesh and find the vertical and horizontal mouth of the trawl. 

Finally, the resistance of the trawl is calculated to make sure it is compatible with the towing capacity of the vessel.

The computer programs allow us to test several alternative solutions before the trawl is put into production. 

The calculations are so precise that it is not necessary to test the trawl in a test tank.

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Nordsøkaj 32
DK-7680 Thyborøn
Telefon: +45 4358 4350

Troldbjergvej 6
DK-6960 Hvide Sande
Telefon: +45 6144 1467
Thyborøn Trawlbinderi blev startet i 2013 og har til huse på Thyborøn Havn i Vestjylland.
Thyborøn Trawlbinderi er Danmarks mest moderne trawlbinderi, hvor den nyeste teknologi anvendes for at designe og optimere trawlen.

I et 3D simulations- og kalkulationsprogram testes ændringer i højde, bredde og hvordan maskerne står, så trawlet bliver tilpasset efter fangst samt det pågældende fiskefartøj.
Virksomheden har til huse i et 1.100 kvadratmeter stort værksted på Thyborøn Havn, hvor der arbejdes med trawl i alle størrelser. To store trawltromler bagerst i værkstedet betyder, Thyborøn Trawlbinderi kan håndtere alle trawl indendørs.

Desuden har Thyborøn Trawlbinderi værksted på 520 Kvadratmeter i Hvide Sande.